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Last Weeks Firing

unnamedI finally got around to photographing and looking at the work properly which came out of the kiln last week. A lot of it is very gray, from the heavy reduction, so I’m currently looking into some more iron-rich glazes, tenmokus and shinos. Hopefully this will help bring some warmth to my work too, as at the moment the colours I have are quite cool and clean.

I’m happy with my elm nuka, a solid, creamy white, which contrasts well with the reds of the clay body, especially around foot rings. The nuka is also quite resilient to being over fired, which it was in the last firing.

I’m really enjoying modifying pots at their leather hard stage, faceting and trimming and stamping to create surfaces for the glazes. Ash glazes respond really well to having little ledges and grooves to run into, accentuating their flowing nature in the kiln. Sadly in the last firing their flowing nature was a little too strong, and some larger bowls were ruined by being stuck to the shelves with glaze.










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