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Jeremy Stewards Work

After looking at a lot of Jeremy’s work over the weekend, I have been thinking more and more about the shapes. They have very accentuated curves, creating a unique look. The bases are often splayed out, making the pot robust and grounded. Any waist the pot has is often really narrow, or a belly really rotund, making caricatured figures.

(the photos below are pinched from )

I love the shapes of the milk jugs, they are so full of character and energy. The combination of earthy salt glazes and curvy shapes make for a fun but homely look. It shows through the work that the making process was enjoyable and expressive, no line is too straight, and no curve is too controlled. The pots are lively, and yet not contrived or saccharine, the muted colours make them real and physical. Their handmade qualities are evident, and are at the forefront of each piece. I think its important to keep personal traits evident in handmade things, and not try to make things too uniform, otherwise they may as well be made by machine. After all, is it not the fact that it was made by an actual pair of hands the thing that makes the handmade special.


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