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Bowl Shapes

After gradually making a stock of the bowl shapes I have shown in previous posts, I wanted to start making a set of bowls which allowed me to use the stamps I have been making. I went from a quick sketch I took of a tea bowl by Helen Pincombe at the Anthony Shaw Collection at CoCA. The tea bowl was a squat, angular shape, but something about the curves and angles really resonated with me. I thought if I could stretch that shape out, it would translate well into a soup or salad bowl.

Taken from her Guardian Obituary –

“She always strove for strength and simplicity of form, and is remembered particularly for her domestic ware, garden pots and individual bowls – a form she returned to again and again. She developed an elegant style of brush work, and always worked in stoneware, with temoku and grey glazes and dark slips. ”


It’s a shape I found quite hard to throw, not sure how to go about getting the undercut right, whether to leave that totally to turning or try and leave a gap when throwing. I now have about 10 individual sized ones (1lb) in the bisque firing, and 6 larger ones (1lb 4oz) that have been slipped and stamped. My one concern is that the footring isn’t big enough for my liking. I found it hard to leave enough clay at the base to turn a decent sized footring, so they are quite short. I shall have another look at them on Monday and see how I feel.

These have an iron slip made from river Soar clay on the outside, and a white slip (50% China Clay 50% Hyplas Ball Clay) on the inside. I am hoping that this will have lovely effects on my ash glazes. I have yet to try them out.



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