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Planning out the exhibition.

After settling on the trestle legs with a board table, and two six foot shelves, I have been arranging pots and thinking of colours other than white. I want to keep the display simple and spacious to allow each pot to be seen properly. I originally played around with the pots on the white board –


I prefer the 1st image layout, but I think it will definitely need some playing with in the space, as like this it’s a sort of three-wall arrangement with one viewing face, whereas the in the space it will be walked around and so will need to be thought about from all angles.

I think with the white glazes that I have, the board and shelves will need to be another colour, so that they have something to back them. At first I tried a simple gray (black mixed with white) just to test out the idea.

This is a very cold gray to contrast with the earthy warm colours of the clay and glazes, and I think the colour needs to be a little warmer. It’s difficult to photograph colours accurately. After trying out a couple of different paint samples, I settled on ‘on-the-rocks’ from Crown paints.


This adds a bit of lift to the work, and gives the viewer an environment to inhabit in the exhibition space. I want to keep the display domestic but still sleek and proffesional, so I will need to be careful and thoughtful about the arrangement of pots, and the placements of shelves on the wall.


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