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Exhibition Decisions


I settled eventually with this layout for my exhibition (minus the pots at the bottom of the table). The trestle table keeps things simple and smart, and along with the singular shelf, allows pots to be viewed from two angles. I wanted to keep the display fairly domestic, yet professional. I arranged the pots and their various colours to keep the whole display tied together, for example the shinos are spread out, so that the brightest colour (the shino orange) draws the eye around. I also grouped a few pots together, to enhance each other, and show their qualities contrasted. For example, the three vases at the back of the table are similar in shape, but have subtle differences, and different glazes, which are highlighted by being placed next to each other.

I originally had two six foot shelves, but decided on just one, so as to keep it simple and uncluttered. I decided to line up the edge of the table with the edge of the shelf, to avoid things being too symmetrical, and tried to keep the arrangement flowing. I want this to simply be about the pots, and so all the decisions I have made are to best show the pots qualities.

I also had to consider my display in relation to the people around me. I am in between Ynyr and Fflur on the wall, who are both quite colourful. I think this makes it difficult as my colours are quite dull and quiet, but hopefully the placement of the shino pots will help. I think the addition of some sprigs of blossoms or something placed in one of the will help a lot. Pots often look best in natural light with some kind of outdoors visible, this really allows the pots to be seen next to the origins of the wood ashes and clays.

The pieces I have chosen to display are the ones which show my best abilities as a potter.


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