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Professional Practice

As part of our Field, exhibition module, we are required so show an understanding and level of pro-activity in regards to where we will be after we graduate. Because of the broadness of the course, this needs us to individually place ourselves within the world, depending on our aims and type of practice. For the past few years now, I have had my heart set on becoming a potter. As I have visited more and more potteries, this idea has grown, and I think that being a production potter in a team of people is what I aim for.

I have worked on my CV a lot over the past month, and have edited it down to show the relevant qualifications and experience. I have also kept a master copy which contains all my qualifications and experience. I have also developed a website, using Cargo Collective. I kept the design and format simple, as what I really want this website to function as is just a way for people to see more images of my work, read a little about it, and be able to contact me. My website contains a digital portfolio of my work, my artists statement, and my curriculum vitae.

I have also ordered some postcards for my exhibition. I always think when visiting potters or exhibitions that having an eye catching card with details on is really important, just to get your name out into the public. I also left a large blank space on the back of my postcards, as I remember Ingrid Murphy saying that this is always very useful, just for jotting down information or dates.

Short-Term Plan

Over the summer I have a few things lined up. Firstly this is a residency with Robert Stockley at Ryall Hill studios. Here with two other students, we plan on building a small wood kiln to remain at the studios. Having proposed this to Robert, he is very keen for us to do this, and I am eager to get some kiln building experience.

After this, I am working at the International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth. I think this will be a great opportunity to meet other potters, and see how a fair of this size functions. I am also keen to see the sort of community events that happen, such as long firings and sculpture building.

During July I have some work at Wobage Workshops, assisting with throwing courses, and doing odd jobs about the studio. Then, in August, I will be exhibiting at Hatfield House with 15 other students from the course. I think this will be great experience of organising another group exhition, as this takes a lot of planning and consideration.




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